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Download the Development Tools

Get the latest tools and templates to start building and publishing apps seamlessly from Visual Studio.

  1. Get the Visual Studio Latest Update to start building apps for Office and SharePoint with project templates and starting points.

  2. Get the Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio 2013 to start leveraging the Office 365 APIs inside your web applications.

  3. Get the Office 365 SDK for Android to start building native Android apps leveraging the Office 365 APIs.

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Get your Office 365 Developer Tenant

Setup a new developer tenant site, or add it to your existing Office 365 subscription to start building, testing, and publishing apps today.

  1. O365 Developer Tenant Signup - Sign up for your Office 365 Developer Tenant to start building Apps for Office and SharePoint and get access to the Office 365 APIs.

    Adding Dev Site to Existing O365 Subscription - If you already have an Office 365 Subscription you can get a developer tenant for free inside your existing tenant.

  2. Microsoft Azure Tenant Signup - Get a Microsoft Azure tenant to host your provider-hosted SharePoint apps or custom web apps that use Office 365 APIs.

  3. Sign up for a Seller Dashboard account to publish your apps into the Office Store.

Get started building apps today

Get started with easy to follow instructions, demonstrations, code samples, and app samples that will leave you inspired and raring to go build your own apps today.

  1. Get started Building Apps for SharePoint and Building Apps for Office today

  2. Get started building apps that connect to Office 365 with APIs

  3. Watch the Introduction to Office 365 Development Microsoft Virtual Academy Course

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