The front-end toolkit that makes your app or add-in blend seamlessly into Office.

Built for Office, available to you

We use Fabric throughout Office to create functional and engaging user interfaces. Now that Fabric is open source, you can apply the same Office Design Language to your own web experiences. With Fabric, you can create an engaging customer experience and save development time.

Made for the modern web

Use Fabric’s responsive grid and components to build modern, mobile-first experiences. Fabric is modeled after toolkits you already know and love, like Bootstrap and Foundation, so you can jump right in.

Simple to use, easy to customize

You can start using Fabric classes to enhance your app or add-in right away. Need to do something more advanced? Fabric is built with Sass, so you can customize it or use its variables and mixins in your own project. And because Fabric is open source, you're free to make changes. We welcome your contributions!

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