Getting started with Office 365 REST APIs

Get started with Office 365 APIs powered by Microsoft Graph

Let’s build a simple app that connects to Office 365 data using the Microsoft Graph. This API enables your website or mobile app to connect to a user’s mail, calendar, contacts, files and more data from Office 365 -- all through a single endpoint.

Try it out

Pick an API, try different values, and choose the Try button to see the responses from a sample tenant.


Pick the platform you'll be building for

Let’s build a simple app that connects to Office 365 and calls the Graph API. Pick your platform, and we'll walk you through getting the right tools, registering your app, and running the code.

Register the sample app

To get started, we'll register a sample app to securely access Office 365 data using the Microsoft Graph. We'll get you the sample app in a bit, but to make things easy, let's register first. The sample app only supports the Mail.Send permission. To register a new application with more permission options, such as Users, Calendar, Contacts and Files, learn how to Register a new application.

Start coding

Download our code sample to get going. If you signed in and registered your app, we'll embed your Client ID and everything else you need in the package for you.

More Resources

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