1. Analyze your existing legacy SharePoint Solutions, using the SPCAF tool, for guidance on transforming to the app model.

  2. Check out our Patterns & Practices Guidance on transforming the most common enterprise SharePoint Solutions to the app model.

  3. Watch our Microsoft Virtual Academy video training that walks you through transforming your Full Trust Code Solutions to the App Model with Vesa Juvonen and Steve Walker.

Free your developers

  1. Empower your developers by letting them code in any web application language they choose.

  2. Run your application on any hosting platform you like including Azure or your provider of choice.

  3. Free your developers to use the web and JavaScript frameworks and tools they like.

Move forward with us

  1. Stay informed with the Office 365 Roadmap that details the new features and updates to Office 365.

  2. Engage in key community areas, including StackOverflow  for SharePointOffice and Office 365 APIs, and the Office 365 Technical Network on Yammer to participate in the discussions that drive the platform forward.

  3. Amplify your voice and suggestions with the help of the community on UserVoice where all feedback is reviewed and some incorporated as new features in the service. 

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