Add-ins Transformation

Farm solutions are not available in SharePoint Online. To build customizations in a hybrid scenario  or cloud only approach customers must use the SharePoint add-in model.
There are many other benefits to using the add-in model over farm solutions:

  • They are the focus of Office engineering team moving forward
  • Greatly reduce the risk of impacting the performance of SharePoint Server farms
  • Improve the stability and reduce operational cost of the SharePoint Server farm
  • Can scale out the application without scaling out the entire SharePoint Server farm
  • Does not require dedicated farms for customizations due to application isolation
  • Does not require downtime for SharePoint to deploy updates
  • More flexible deployment patterns to improve agility and reduce time to market for the business and end users
  • Allows customers/SI’s to leverage standard Web Development skills over much harder to obtain SharePoint Development skills that have been traditionally employed
  • Will run in both SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online
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Patterns & Practices

The Patterns & Practices (PnP) initiative was originally formed in 2013 by a group of Microsoft consultants who were working on the transformation effort of the Office 365 Dedicated customers to Multi-Tenant. This involved taking the SharePoint Farm Solutions and transforming the customizations to the add-in model. During this process there were many valuable assets created which are now shared publicly on

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The PnP team have put together key guidance which brings together all the assets that have been produced by the team in Github. This includes things like branding and site provisioning.

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The PnP team have been producing various code samples to show how things can be done in the Add-in model compared to previous approaches like SharePoint Farm Solutions and VSTO Add-ins.

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There are on-demand videos and hands on labs to help you learn how to transform your SharePoint Farm Solutions to SharePoint Add-in model approach.

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Case Studies


The ready-to-use Valo solution brings popular intranet features to Microsoft Office 365. Blue Meteorite, the Finland-based company behind Valo, decided to move the solution to a cloud add-in model. As a result, the company has gained new customers and is better positioned to expand from the Nordic market to a broader, worldwide market.

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Third Party Tools and Resources


SPCAF is a framework of tools which analyses the code of your SharePoint customizations from many different angles. It will help you assess your Farm Solutions and Add-ins for transformation, quality, security, performance, maintainability and much more.

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Three Will

ThreeWill helps enterprises and software companies build cloud based applications on the Microsoft platforms using an agile process. They have recorded a webinar on this and written a whitepaper to help you with your transformation.

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