Add-in commands for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

Add-in commands are UI elements that extend the Office UI and start actions in your add-in. You can add a button on the ribbon or an item to a context menu. When users select an add-in command, they initiate actions such as running JavaScript code, or showing a page of the add-in in a task pane. Add-in commands help users find and use your add-in, which can help increase your add-in's adoption and reuse, and improve customer retention.

For an overview of the feature, see the video Add-in Commands in the Office Ribbon.

Note: SharePoint catalogs do not support add-in commands. You can deploy add-in commands via centralized deployment or the Office Store, or use sideloading to deploy your add-in command for testing.

Add-in with commands running in Excel Desktop Add-in commands

Add-in with commands running in Excel Online Add-in commands

Command capabilities

The following command capabilities are currently supported.

Note: Content add-ins do not currently support add-in commands.

Extension points

  • Ribbon tabs - Extend built-in tabs or create a new custom tab.
  • Context menus - Extend selected context menus.

Control types

  • Simple buttons - trigger specific actions.
  • Menus - simple menu dropdown with buttons that trigger actions.


  • ShowTaskpane - Displays one or multiple panes that load custom HTML pages inside them.
  • ExecuteFunction - Loads an invisible HTML page and then execute a JavaScript function within it. To show UI within your function (e.g. errors, progress, additional input) you can use the displayDialog API.

Supported platforms

Add-in commands are currently supported on the following platforms:

  • Office for Windows Desktop 2016 (build 16.0.6769+)
  • Office for Mac (build 15.33+)
  • Office Online

More platforms are coming soon.

Get started with add-in commands

The best way to get started using add-in commands is via samples. See the Office Add-in commands samples on GitHub.

For detailed manifest rerence information, see Define add-in commands in your manifest.

dd-ins/outlook/manifests/define-add-in-commands" target="_blank">Define add-in commands in your manifest.