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Create a network shared folder catalog for task pane and content add-ins

A shared folder catalog provides a way to publish the manifests for task pane and content Office Add-ins to a network file share. Users can then get add-ins by specifying this file share as a trusted catalog, using the steps in the following procedure.

The manifest file is an XML file that enables you to declaratively describe how your add-in should be activated when an end user installs and uses it with Office documents and applications. For more information, see Office Add-ins XML manifest.

The manifest file is the only file that you should deploy to the shared folder catalog. Deploy the web application itself to a web server and specify the URL in the SourceLocation element of the manifest file.

Important: To help make add-ins that access external data and services more secure, your add-in should use a secure protocol such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to connect to external data and services. You must use HTTPS if your add-in uses add-in commands.

Specify a file share as a trusted catalog

  1. Create a folder on a network share, for example \\MyShare\MyManifests.

  2. Put the manifest files for the task pane and content add-ins that you want to publish in this file share.

  3. Open a new document in Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.

  4. Choose the File tab, and then choose Options.

  5. Choose Trust Center, and then choose the Trust Center Settings button.

  6. Choose Trusted Add-in Catalogs.

  7. In the Catalog Url box, enter the path to the network share you created in Step 1, and then choose Add Catalog.

  8. Select the Show in Menu check box, and then choose OK.

After performing these steps, you can select My Add-ins on the Insert tab of the ribbon and then choose Shared Folder at the top of the Office Add-ins dialog box to insert a task pane or content add-in from this catalog.

Any additional manifest files you put in this file share will be available to users that have specified this shared folder catalog.

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