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Extend your healthcare solutions with Office 365

Meet the demand for digital health services with Office 365 as a developer platform.

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Build integrated solutions with Office 365 as a platform

Develop digital heath services to meet the need for more efficient, effective care and care team collaboration and productivity.

  • Extensible and adaptable for healthcare use cases
  • Build new collaboration scenarios and integrate with existing 3rd party apps
  • Comprehensive Unified Communications and productivity suite apps and tools that work together


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Create solutions tailored to healthcare organization’s security requirements

Cloud services powered by Office 365 help enable secure, compliant solutions.

  • Interoperability to securely manage health information across the care continuum
  • Provide for compliance with Microsoft Trust Center protections built-in


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Get started with virtual healthcare solutions

Develop virtual consult services with Office 365 Virtual Healthcare Templates.

  • Jumpstart your solution with open source templates
  • Integrate voice and chat with collaboration and productivity apps