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Integrate your app with Microsoft Teams through tabs, bots and connectors.

Get Started

The Microsoft Teams Developer Platform offers several ways to integrate with Microsoft Teams. With the developer preview, you can build apps, then test and distribute them inside your organization. If you’re interested in submitting your app into the Microsoft Teams app gallery, sign up for more information below.

Integrate your app in three different ways:


Tabs directly surface your web experience so teams can instantly access your product in the right context, and have collaborative experiences around its content.


Bots surface your experience in chat so teams can engage with your service via queries and quick actions.


Connectors send your notifications into channels so teams can get updates from your service.


Tabs allow team members to access your service on a dedicated canvas within a channel. This lets the team work directly with the tools and data you provide, in the channel’s context, and to have conversations about them.

Common Examples

  • Rich dashboards and data visualization
  • Collaborative documents and note taking
  • Group task management
  • Shared design canvas

It’s very easy to create a tab from an existing web app; see our developer documentation to learn how.

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams tab


Bots allow your customers to interact with your service through conversations in Microsoft Teams.

Here are some examples of what your bot can do:

  • Kick off workflows and provide status on them
  • Give and receive kudos with your team members
  • Create lightweight surveys to gauge employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Answer natural language questions about sales and customer usage data
  • Help users be more productive through a digital helper that manages todos and schedules

Bots for Microsoft Teams are fully built on the Microsoft Bot Framework. If you have a bot already written with the Microsoft Bot Framework, you can easily enable it for Microsoft Teams. To build your bot, head over to our developer documentation.

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams bot


Office 365 Connectors help bring useful information and rich content from external services right into channels in Microsoft Teams and enable collaborating team members to have engaging conversations around them.

Here are some examples of what connectors can do:

  • Twitter connector can send updates about tweets from accounts you follow or hashtags you track
  • GitHub connector brings updates about pull and push requests, comments, and activities from your GitHub projects
  • Bing News connector brings you relevant news and information on topics you care about

You can build connectors through incoming webhooks to generate rich connector cards. See our developer documentation to learn more. Once you build the connector, you can submit it for Microsoft Teams as well as Office 365 Groups.

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams connector

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