Office Graph - the intelligent fabric to Office 365 data

The Office Graph represents a collection of content and activity, and the relationships between them that happen across the entire Office suite. From email, social conversations, and meetings, to documents in SharePoint and OneDrive, the Office Graph maps the relationships among people and information, and acts as the foundation for Office experiences that are more relevant and personalized to each individual. The Office Graph uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to connect people to the relevant content, conversations and people around them. 

Office Graph has mapped over billions actions and interactions within Office 365, making it clear that organizations have been sitting on an untapped gold mine of business value.  

As it continues to analyze relationships and deliver insights from across the tools people use at work every day, it will enable experiences that go above and beyond search and discovery. Going forward, the Office Graph will continue to evolve and deliver increasingly rich insights in Office 365, and incorporate 
support for extensibility to reach beyond Office 365. 

Session at /build

Building Solutions with Office Graph - Thursday, April 30th, 2-3pm PST

Session at Ignite

Building Solutions with Office Graph - Tuesday, May 5th, 5-6:15pm PST

MVP Panel: Sample Apps and Intelligent Solutions Showcasing Office Graph and Delve Extensibility - Wednesday, May 6th, 5-6:15pm PST

Documentation Resources

Query the Office graph (Preview)

Develop with Office graph (Preview)