About Patterns and Practices

The SharePoint / Office 365 Dev Patterns & Practices (PnP) initiative was originally formed in 2013 by a group of Microsoft consultants who were working on the transformation effort of the Office 365 Dedicated customers to Multi-Tenant. This involved taking the SharePoint full Trust Code Solutions and transforming the customizations to the add-in model, but PnP guidance started evolving to other areas as well, including SharePoint Framework, Office 365 APIs, Office Add-ins and Microsoft Graph. PnP initiative has now evolved as open source community effort with both internal and external contributors. Notice that SharePoint / Office 365 Dev PnP is not directly linked with the official Patterns and Practices team at Microsoft, which concentrates more on the general development topics.

How to get started or contribute?

We would recommend you to have a look on specific web cast as "How to get started with Office Dev PnP?" from our Channel 9 video blog. If you are looking to contribute back for the PnP initiative, would recommend to have a look on another web cast called "How to contribute to Office Dev PnP initiative?" or check details on how to get started from our PnP GitHub Wiki, which also contains step-by-step instructions on setting up your environment for GitHub usage. GitHub is slightly different tool than classic TFS, if you have used that in the past, but this guidance will provide you all you need to setup your environment with GitHub and how you can always pull down the latest code to your personal GitHub fork.

Monthly releases and community calls

Office 365 Dev PnP releases are done typically first Friday of each month when we perform master merge in GitHub and update Nuget packages among the other key actions. You can always access the latest development time version from the dev branch. We cover details on monthly releases in our monthly community calls. Download calendar invite (ics) to save the call details to your calendar. We also have Special Interest Group bi-weekly meetings for discussions on specific areas. You can find the recurrent invites from following links: SIG for PnP CSOM Core / PowerShell, SIG PnP for SharePoint Framework / JavaScript development.

Monthly Updates

PnP has two main branches. Master merge happens once a month with more comprehensive testing and release notes with detailed credits for the contributors. Dev branch has all the latest contributions and development.


We have a bunch of on-demand videos, presentations, demos and hands on labs around transforming your farm solutions to the Sharepoint add-in model and PnP guidance. All of this material is for you to use anyway you want. You can create new training packages and deliver this for your customers as well. All videos are in Channel 9 and each of them contains links to module specific resources.

Guidance documentation

We have guidance documentation for this initiative that is being built and collaborated on by both the community AND Microsoft in GitHub.com. This documentation is also then monthly published on MSDN too. You can check them out here:

  • Authorization considerations for tenants hosted in the Germany, China or US Government environments |  MSDN
  • Customizing the "modern" experiences in SharePoint Online |  MSDN
  • Introducing the API for bulk custom user profile properties update for SharePoint Online |  MSDN
  • Developing add-ins using Tenant permissions with App-Only in SharePoint Online |  MSDN
  • Sandbox solution tranformation guidance |  MSDN
  • How to provide add-in app only tenant administrative permissions in SharePoint Online |  MSDN
  • Using correct Client Side Object Model (CSOM) version for SharePoint customizations dev.office.com blog
  • Introducing Bulk UPA Custom Profile Properties Update API for SharePoint Online dev.office.com blog
  • PnP remote provisioning MSDN
  • Transform farm solutions to the SharePoint app model MSDN
  • CSOM releases and new capabilities - latest API changes GitHub
  • Upload large files sample app for SharePoint (Updated) MSDN Github
  • Branding and site provisioning solutions for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online MSDN MSDN
  • Customize your SharePoint site UI by using JavaScript MSDN Github
  • Using Microsoft Azure WebJobs with Office 365 MSDN GitHub
  • Autotagging sample app for SharePoint MSDN GitHub

Transformation Process

Our internal Microsoft services teams have shared the project plans, kick off presentation decks, solution assessment report templates, solution design templates and much more. This is a great kit to get you started as a Service Integrator in helping your customers.

PnP Core Team

PnP Core team coordinates actions around the PnP initiative.

Recent Samples

Please check the latest SharePoint and Office 365 development samples from the PnP Sample Gallery

PnP Weekly Web Casts

PnP web casts are quick videos recorded around key topics for the Office 365 and SharePoint add-in model development. These are around 15-45 min long recordings on different resources, guidance and other patterns and practices. All web casts will be published to PnP YouTube channel. Older videos are in the PnP Channel 9 video blog

Recent Videos

PnP GitHub repositories

PnP has few different repositories in the GitHub with specific use cases. Here's links and description for each of them.

Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices