IconSetConditionalFormat Object (JavaScript API for Excel)

Represents an IconSet criteria for conditional formatting.


Property Type Description Req. Set
reverseIconOrder bool If true, reverses the icon orders for the IconSet. Note that this cannot be set if custom icons are used. 1.6
showIconOnly bool If true, hides the values and only shows icons. 1.6
style string If set, displays the IconSet option for the conditional format. Possible values are: Invalid, ThreeArrows, ThreeArrowsGray, ThreeFlags, ThreeTrafficLights1, ThreeTrafficLights2, ThreeSigns, ThreeSymbols, ThreeSymbols2, FourArrows, FourArrowsGray, FourRedToBlack, FourRating, FourTrafficLights, FiveArrows, FiveArrowsGray, FiveRating, FiveQuarters, ThreeStars, ThreeTriangles, FiveBoxes. 1.6

See property access examples.


Relationship Type Description Req. Set
criteria ConditionalIconCriterion An array of Criteria and IconSets for the rules and potential custom icons for conditional icons. Note that for the first criterion only the custom icon can be modified, while type, formula and operator will be ignored when set. 1.6