MobileFormFactor element

Specifies the settings for an add-in for the mobile form factor. It contains all the add-in information for the mobile form factor except for the Resources node.

Each MobileFormFactor definition contains the FunctionFile element and one or more ExtensionPoint elements. For more information, see FunctionFile element and ExtensionPoint element.

The MobileFormFactor element is defined in VersionOverrides schema 1.1. The containing VersionOverrides element must have an xsi:type attribute value of VersionOverridesV1_1.

Child elements

Element Required Description
ExtensionPoint Yes Defines where an add-in exposes functionality.
FunctionFile Yes A URL to a file that contains JavaScript functions.

MobileFormFactor example

  <Host xsi:type="MailHost">
      <FunctionFile resid="residUILessFunctionFileUrl" />
      <ExtensionPoint xsi:type="MobileMessageReadCommandSurface">
        <!-- information on this extension point -->
      <!-- possibly more ExtensionPoint elements -->
</Host> </Hosts> ...