Outlook add-in API Preview requirement set

The Outlook add-in API subset of the JavaScript API for Office includes objects, methods, properties and events that you can use in an Outlook add-in.

Note: This documentation is for a preview requirement set. This requirement set is not fully implemented yet, and clients will not accurately report support for it. You should not specify this requirement set in your add-in manifest. Methods and properties that are introduced in this requirement set should be individually tested for availability before using them.

The Preview Requirement set includes all of the features of Requirement set 1.5.

Features in preview

The following features are in preview.

  • Event.completed - A new optional parameter options, which is a dictionary with one valid value allowEvent. This value is used to cancel execution of an event.
  • Office.context.mailbox.item.getSelectedEntities - Added a new function that gets the entities found in a highlighted match a user has selected. Highlighted matches apply to contextual add-ins.
  • Office.context.mailbox.item.getSelectedRegExMatches - Added a new function that returns string values in a highlighted match that match the regular expressions defined in the manifest XML file. Highlighted matches apply to contextual add-ins.

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