CustomXmlNode object

Represents an XML node in a tree in a document.

Hosts: Word
Available in Requirement set CustomXmlParts
Last changed in 1.1



Name Description
baseName Gets the base name of the node without the namespace prefix, if one exists.
nodeType Gets the type of the CustomXMLNode.
namespaceUri Retrieves the string GUID of the CustomXMLPart.


Name Description
getNodesAsync Asynchronously gets the nodes as an array of CustomXMLNode objects matching the relative XPath expression.
getNodeValueAsync Asynchronously gets the value of the node.
getTextAsync Asynchronously gets the text of an XML node in a custom XML part.
getXmlAsync Asynchronously gets the XML of the node.
setNodeValueAsync Asynchronously sets the value of the node.
setTextAsync Asynchronously sets the text of an XML node in a custom XML part.
setXmlAsync Asynchronously sets the XML of the node.

Support details

A capital Y in the following matrix indicates that this method is supported in the corresponding Office host application. An empty cell indicates that the Office host application doesn't support this method.

For more information about Office host application and server requirements, see Requirements for running Office Add-ins.

Office for Windows desktop Office Online (in browser) Office for iPad
Word Y Y Y
Available in requirement sets CustomXmlParts
Minimum permission level ReadWriteDocument
Add-in types Task pane
Library Office.js
Namespace Office

Support history

Version Changes
1.1 Added support for Word in Office for iPad.
1.0 Introduced