ProjectProjectFields enumeration

Specifies the project fields that are available as a parameter for the getProjectFieldAsync method.

Hosts: Project
Added in 1.0
    CurrencyDigits: 0, 
    CurrencySymbol: 1, 
    CurrencySymbolPosition: 2, 
    DurationUnits: 3,
    GUID: 4, 
    Finish: 5, 
    Start: 6, 
    ReadOnly: 7, 
    VERSION: 8, 
    WorkUnits: 9, 
    ProjectServerUrl: 10, 
    WSSUrl: 11, 
    WSSList: 12


Member Description
CurrencyDigits The number of digits after the decimal for the currency.
CurrencySymbol The currency symbol.
CurrencySymbolPosition The placement of the currency symbol: Not specified = -1; Before the value with no space ($0) = 0; After the value with no space (0$) = 1; Before the value with a space ($ 0) = 2; After the value with a space (0 $) = 3.
GUID The GUID of the project.
Finish The project finish date.
Start The project start date.
ReadOnly Specifies whether the project is read-only.
VERSION The project version.
WorkUnits The work units of the project, such as days or hours.
ProjectServerUrl The Project Web App URL, for projects that are stored in Project Server.
WSSUrl The SharePoint URL, for projects that are synchronized with a SharePoint list.
WSSList The name of the SharePoint list, for projects that are synchronized with a tasks list.


A ProjectProjectFields constant can be used as a parameter of the getProjectFieldAsync method.

Support details

A capital Y in the following matrix indicates that this enumeration is supported in the corresponding Office host application. An empty cell indicates that the Office host application doesn't support this enumeration.

For more information about Office host application and server requirements, see Requirements for running Office Add-ins.

Supported hosts, by platform

Office for Windows desktop Office Online (in browser)
Project Y
Add-in types Task pane
Library Office.js
Namespace Office

Support history

Version Changes
1.0 Introduced

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