Settings.remove method

Removes the specified setting.

Hosts: Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word
Available in Requirement set Settings
Last changed in 1.1


    Type: string

    The case-sensitive name of the setting to remove.


null is a valid value for a setting. Therefore, assigning null to the setting will not remove it from the settings property bag.

Important: Be aware that the Settings.remove method affects only the in-memory copy of the settings property bag. To persist the removal of the specified setting in the document, at some point after calling the Settings.remove method and before the add-in is closed, you must call the Settings.saveAsync method.


function removeMySetting() {

Support details

A capital Y in the following matrix indicates that this method is supported in the corresponding Office host application. An empty cell indicates that the Office host application doesn't support this method.

For more information about Office host application and server requirements, see Requirements for running Office Add-ins.

Office for Windows desktop Office Online (in browser) Office for iPad
Access Y
Excel Y Y Y
PowerPoint Y Y Y
Word Y Y
Available in requirement sets Settings
Minimum permission level Restricted
Add-in types Content, task pane
Library Office.js
Namespace Office

Support history

Version Changes
1.1 Added support for PowerPoint Online.
1.1 Added support for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word in Office for iPad.
1.1 Added support to create custom settings in content add-ins for Access.
1.0 Introduced