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SharePoint is the widely-used web platform you can build on to improve the productivity of teams and organizations.

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SharePoint Conference North America, May 21-23

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We’d like to invite you to BE THERE in Las Vegas as Microsoft unveils its latest innovations and visions for SharePoint. Learn more about developer tools and resources that help you design and build solutions with SharePoint, OneDrive and Office 365 with more than 160 sessions delivered by technical and industry experts.

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Developers can customize the style and function of team spaces, departmental sites, or organization portals to make users truly feel at home.See examples >

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Organizations extend the SharePoint user interface to bring more tools and functionality to their users.Learn about integrations >

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Developers can adapt and shape how documents are reviewed, approved, and managed with custom processes and flows.See process examples >

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Teams use business applications, built on SharePoint, that solve team and departmental needs, such as tracking of team resources.Learn about applications >

More than 200k organizations build their Intranet from the ground up with SharePoint

Organizations build their Intranet with SharePoint

Over 1 million active SharePoint developers helping their businesses work smarter

Active SharePoint developers helping their businesses work smarter

Start with samples and showcases

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Logo for Panda Poll, from Bamboo Solutions
Panda Poll, by Bamboo Solutions, uses SPFx to streamline poll creation and management.
Logo for Groups, from Powell 365
Groups, by Powell 365, integrates everything about a Group in your site.
Logo for Angular SharePoint Search, from the SPFx Samples repo
SharePoint Search Web Part uses the Angular framework to connect to search.
Logo for Bot Framework Part, from the SPFx Samples repo
Bot Chat hosts a Bot Framework-based chat in a SPFx web part.
Logo for Document Dashboard, from Content and Code
Document Dashboard, by Content and Code, integrates statistics on document usage in a site.
Logo for Organisation Chart Part, from the SPFx Samples repo
Organisation Chart shows how to display a chart in a React-based SPFx web part.