SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) repositories moving in GitHub

SharePoint / Office Dev Patterns and Practices

As part of the SharePoint / Office 365 Dev Patterns and Practices ownership changes to SharePoint engineering, we have decided transfer the PnP initiative GitHub repositories from OfficeDev GitHub organization to SharePoint organization. PnP work is coordinated by the SharePoint engineering, but we obviously work together with the field on the contributions and needed guidance. This transition was mainly completed on Friday 25th of November. We have still few repositories to be transfer, which require some additional work, but transition should be fully completed by early December 2016. New locations of the PnP GitHub repositories are as follows. All old links are also automatically redirected to new location.

GitHub has done the repository transfer really easy and it does not have any impact on existing forks or the work you might have pending from the old location. We evaluated the impact first with the PnP-JS-Core repository and since we did not see any impact on the behavior, moved forward with the transfer. If you have any pending work, you can still sync them back on the old URLs, which are automatically redirected to new location, so this does not impact on your forks or other GitHub settings. All old links are also automatically redirected to new location.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback around PnP program or this blog post, please use the Microsoft Tech Community (SharePoint Developer group).

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Vesa Juvonen, Senior Program Manager, SharePoint, Microsoft - 28th of November 2016